Rolland Slade and Willie McLaurin on a Time for Lament and a Time for Change in the Southern Baptist Convention

Ecclesiastes, one of the great wisdom books in the Old Testament, contains a familiar passage ascribing times for everything and seasons for every activity under the heavens.

Among them, there are times to weep, to mourn, to search and to uproot.

These are the times in which we find ourselves in the Southern Baptist Convention as it regards sexual abuse in our network of churches.

Scripture is to guide our lives as believers, and it should also guide our thinking, our actions and our posture as we anticipate this weekend’s release of Guidepost Solutions’ independent, third-party investigation into allegations of mishandling of sexual abuse claims by former members and staff of the SBC Executive Committee.

This is a time and season to search out our shortcomings, a time to embrace the findings of the report, a time to rebuild the trust of Southern Baptists, and a time to heal by meeting the challenges required with the necessary changes expected in the forthcoming report.

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Source: Baptist Press