Two Young Children in Memphis Are Hospitalized After Needing IV Fluids and Nutritional Support Due to Baby Formula Shortage

Two children in Memphis have been hospitalized after needing IV fluids and nutritional support due to the baby formula shortage.

The preschooler and toddler, both from different families, were rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital after their parents failed to secure formula as shelves across America go bare.

Both kids have short-bowel syndrome, which prevents them from absorbing nutrients completely as part of the small intestine is missing, The New York Times reported. Both require an amino-acid-based formula and had been consuming EleCare, among others, which Abbott Laboratories recalled after four children contracted a rare, but serious, bacterial infection.

The children were treated through IV fluids and nutritional support in the hospital after ‘not adapting well to the new formula type,’ Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Mark Corkins, 60, said in a statement, viewed by The Hill. The parents have declined to talk to the media.

The preschooler was admitted in late April and is still being treated, while the toddler was hospitalized last week and has since left, the Times reported.

‘These are young children who have health conditions and special medical needs that [require] specific dietary requirements,’ Corkins said in a statement, viewed by the Hill. ‘[Hospital staff are] making multiple substitutions throughout a child’s care to ensure that their nutritional needs are met.’

He said the process could be ‘complicated,’ ‘cumbersome,’ and ‘extremely difficult for parents to navigate on their own.’

Desperate parents have been advised not to make their own formula at home, as it won’t contain the same nutritional value as store bought, leaving parents with little options but to wait for President Joe Biden’s promise that the product would be airlifted to the states.

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Source: Daily Mail