There’s a Devil Loose: White Supremacist Mass Shooter Threatened a School Graduation Shooting Last Year and Was Given Psychiatric Treatment, but Still Legally Bought Three Guns: Classmates Reveal He Acted Strangely, Wore Hazmat Suit to School for a Week, and Had ‘Hitleresque’ Political Views — Daniel Whyte III Warns Again That if the Black Evangelical/Protestant/Baptist Church Does Not Move Away From Heretics Such as Otis Moss III, Who Is a False Prophet and a False Pastor and Who Is a Disciple of Obama and Not of Christ and Is One of the Chosen Ones to Preach the False Gospel of Sanctioning Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage in the Church and the Government, and if the White Evangelical/Protestant/Baptist Church Does Not Move Away From Heretics Such as Andy Stanley, Who Is a False Prophet and a False Pastor and Who Is a Disciple of Obama and Not of Christ and Is One of the Chosen Ones to Preach the False Gospel of Sanctioning Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage in the Church and the Government, and Now, Look at the Explosive Spiritual Nuclear Bomb That Has Been the Fallout From That in This Country and Around the World, You Should Worry About World War III Coming Because of Our Sins and Abominations That We Have Committed Against God in the Church and in America, But You Should Also Worry About Civil War II in America as a Judgment Against the Church for Her Hypocrisy and America for Turning Away From God. Both False Prophets Are Bad for the Church, for America, and for the World, but Sad to Say, Andy Stanley Is Worse and the Most Dangerous Between the Two Because Once the Supreme Court Sanctioned Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage, Otis Moss III Stopped Pushing It as Much. Andy Stanley Continued Pushing It and Was Driven by the Devil to Try to Unhitch the Old Testament From the New Testament, and Lately Has Tried to Gut the New Testament and Hang Jesus Christ Out on Fallible Records of History, Instead of the Infallible Word of God, the Holy Bible, Which Christians Have Relied on for Right at 2000 Years. He Has Been Featured Even This Week in Church Leaders by Ed Stetzer of Outreach Magazine Who Works at Church Leaders, and So Therefore He Has Demonic Influence on Both the White Church and the Black Church. So if You Want to Blame Some So-called Church Leaders as to Why the Church Is Under the Rebuke and Chastisement of God With This Coronavirus Plague of “Long Continuance” and a Host of Other Things Such as a War That is Threatening to Destroy America and Europe With Nuclear Bombs, So-called Transgender Men Running Against and Fighting Against Women and Beating Them, School Boards and Schools Are in an Uproar Over the Abomination of Homosexuality, the Country is in an Uproar About Men Using Women’s Bathrooms, Disney Which Used to be a Friend to the Family and the Church With Decent Programming Has Turned Against the Family and the Church Promoting Homosexuality and Transgenderism, a Student Has Just Been Charged With Sexual Harassment Because He Won’t Call People by the Pronouns They Want. Not to Mention Now a Possible Civil War, Half the Country is on Fire Again and Babies Don’t Have Formula to Drink, Blame So-called Church Leaders Such as Andy Stanley and Otis Moss III and the Pastors and People Who Have Followed Them Into This Dark Confusion and Hellaciousness. Where the Church Could Have Kept the Homosexuals and Their LGBTQ+ Legions of Demons in the Closet, Now All Hell Has Broken Loose and the Poor Secular Lost Community Is Fending for Themselves Against This Onslaught of the Demonic Abomination of Homosexuality and LGBTQ+ Legions of Demons Run Amok, Who Have Colluded With the Government to Sanction Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda in the Church and the Church is Nowhere to be Found and Has No Power to Stop This Chaos. Thank You Andy Stanley and Otis Moss III and Other Preachers and Church Folk Who Have Followed You Into This Dark Hellaciousness on Earth. That Is Why Thousands of Church Folks Have Died and That Is Why Thousands of Churches Have Closed Down and Cannot Meet. My Humble and Sincere Advice Is That All Major Evangelical/Protestant/Baptist/ Charismatic/Methodist, etc., Organizations Such as the Southern Baptist Convention, the National Baptist Convention USA, Christianity Today, Church Leaders, Liberty University, CBN, the Christian Post, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, etc., Ought to Consult With Dr. Tony Evans Until He Leaves This Earth as Long as He is Healthy Enough to Do So for a Yearly Consultation Fee on Any Major Decisions of Your Organization Particularly Regarding Race and the Abomination of Homosexuality. (Mind You, This is Not to Have Thousands of Pastors Trying to Call Him, but Rather Have Him Consult With the Leaders of These Large Christian Organizations About Any Major Decisions That You Are About to Make, and Whatever He Tells You to Do, You Need to Do That.) It Is Time Out for You to Stop Marginalizing Dr. Tony Evans, With Some of You Saying He Is Too Black for Whites or He Is Too White for Blacks Kind of Foolishness. The Man Has Been Lovingly Warning You for the Past 5 Decades and You People Have Not Listened and That Is Why We Are in the Mess We Are in Today. The Bible Tells Us in 1 Chronicles 12:32 That There Are “MEN THAT HAD UNDERSTANDING OF THE TIMES, TO KNOW WHAT ISRAEL OUGHT TO DO.” I Am Sure There Are Others, but When I Look Over the Landscape, Besides Myself, Dr. Tony Evans, Along With a Few Others, Are the Only Ones Who Are Walking With God in Such a Way That They Know What Time It Is and What to Do. You People as Groups Act Like You Do Not Know What You Ought to Do. I Know What You Ought to Do and Have Tried to Tell You Through BCNN1 and My Preaching Over the Past 12 Years and You Have Not Listened, but You Should be Able to Take Dr. Tony Evans Better Than Me Since He Has a Pastor’s Heart Along With a Prophet’s Heart and an Evangelist’s Heart, So I Urge You to Talk With Him and His Trusted Assistants or Else You People Are Going to Continue Messing Up and This Country is Going to be Completely Destroyed via Civil War II, World War III, and the End Result of the Abomination of Homosexuality Which Will be the Same Fate or Worse Than Sodom and Gomorrah and I Never Thought I Would Say This but America is Far Worse Than Sodom and Gomorrah. I Doubt Very Seriously if Lot or Any of Those Other People Thought About “Homosexual Marriage.” You Can Still Hear From Me by Reading BCNN1 as Long as I Own It. And to Some of You People Who Follow Andy Stanley and Otis Moss III, These People Are Hellbent on Continuing With This Foolishness That Has Destroyed This Country and Is Continuing to Destroy This Country. Even Though Dr. Tony Evans Is in Good Health, You People Need to Set Up a System Where You Can Communicate With Him via Zoom or Some Other Communication Company and Not Have Him Traveling Everywhere, and You Do Not Need to Do Anything Without Him Telling You What to Do. For Example, if He Tells You Not to Get Gung-ho About Fighting Mickey Mouse and Get all Caught Up in Politics Again, Then Don’t Get Gung-ho About Fighting Mickey Mouse and Don’t Get Caught Up in Politics. The Power is Not in Politics, the Power is in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We Should Not Even Be in This Position in the First Place. We Love All People, Including Homosexuals, but What God Wanted Us to Do as the Church Was to Keep the Homosexuals and Their LGBTQ+ Legions of Demons in the Closet, as I Have Been Telling You for Years, but You Did Not Listen to Me. If You Don’t Do What I Am Telling You Now, You Still Need to be Concerned About World War III, but You Will Have Civil War II on Your Hands as Well. As the Prophet Samuel Said, “God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you.”

A teenage white supremacist who murdered 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket threatened to shoot a classmate at his high school graduation last year.

Officials at the Susquehanna Valley High School brought in New York State Police to investigate Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY, in June of 2021 after he made statements that he would shoot fellow students.

A year later he ended up shooting 13 people – 10 of them fatally – during an attack motivated by his hatred for black people at a Top Market supermarket in Buffalo. The two victims so-far named are retired cop turned store security guard Aaron Salter and shopper Ruth Whitfield, an 86 year-old grandmother.

‘A school official reported that this very troubled young man had made statements indicating that he wanted to do a shooting, either at a graduation ceremony, or sometime after,’ a government source told the Buffalo News.

After police looked into the account, Gendron was referred for mental health evaluation and counseling.

Classmates said that he often acted strangely at times and espoused extremist views on politics.

Last year, one former student recalled, Gendron wore a hazmat suit to school for a week. She believed it had something to do with protecting himself from the coronavirus, but she didn’t rule out the fact that he was making a joke.

‘It was the most extra thing that I ever saw him do,’ a former classmate who asked not to be named said.

There were other indications of Gendron’s fragile mental state.

During a class exercise in political class in which the students created their own countries with the government of their choice, Gendron’s pick was an autocratic regime that the classmate described as ‘Hitler-esque.’

‘His views were extreme,’ the student said. ‘You could pick any form of government that you wanted and he picked a totalitarian government.’

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Source: Daily Mail