Pete Ramirez Elected as Executive Director of the California Southern Baptist Convention

FRESNO, Calif. (BP) – The Executive Board of the California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) celebrated the announcement of a newly elected Executive Director. Pete Ramirez, former associate executive director, was one of several applicants for the position following the announcement of Bill Agee‘s upcoming retirement.

After several months and a unanimous vote, the search committee presented Ramirez as the sole candidate to the full board on Thursday, May 12, during the board’s executive session. Agee is in full support of Ramirez and the board’s decision saying, “Pete is an excellent choice. I know he’ll do a great job and I’m behind him 100 percent!”

Daniel Cassels, executive board president, pastor at Life Way Fellowship in Santa Maria and search committee member said the committee was “excited to be a part of finding the next leader for the California Southern Baptist Convention.”

“We knew this was an important task that required great prayer and consideration,” he said.

When asked what made Ramirez the strongest candidate, Cassels said, “This was a hard decision with more than one good option. The difference between Pete and the other candidates was that Pete was vested. His experience with the convention as well as his work to be better for it through education gave Pete that edge.”

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Source: Baptist Press