Guard dog trained to respond to commands in German savagely bit three-year-old girl because new owner couldn’t speak the language

The dog could not be stopped as its new owner did not speak the language that the dog understood and had been trained in (pictured) A Dutch shepherd or Herder dog similar to the breed that attacked the young girl

A girl, 3, was ferociously savaged by a guard dog trained to listen to commands in German that had a new owner who could not speak the language.

The toddler was visiting Barry Sidings Countryside Park in Pontypridd with her grandparents when she was grabbed by the dog and shaken by its powerful jaws.

A court heard that the Dutch herder dog, named Chief, was trained in Germany for security work.

Its new owner was exercising it in the park when it seized the little girl and bit into her neck and back in August.

The attack has left her with scars that will not fade until she is a teenager.

The dog – similar to an Alsatian – was adopted from a rescue centre where the new owner was told it was ‘not good’ with children just four days before the incident.

New owner Daniel Barge, 33, was let off an immediate jail sentence after he admitted to being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control in a public place.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Catrin Picton