David Crowder on Deconstructing Deconstruction

As faith deconstruction grows among believers in the church, David Crowder and other faith leaders shared their experience and understanding of the movement, so the church can learn how to approach this controversial topic.

Some on the world stage have praised deconstruction as being an awakening. Others warn against the practice, calling it “dangerous,” and going against God’s Word.

Yet, David Crowder told CBN News he doesn’t see anything controversial about the topic. “Because if it’s true, it’s true,” Crowder said. “There’s no threat to examining what beliefs you’ve been handed. If they hold up, they hold up.”

Crowder is a Bible-believing, God-fearing, Christian musician who’s been on a mission to share the gospel ever since his days as a junior at Baylor University.

“So, I started with old hymns in new musical settings, and then about a year in, the pastor of the church said, ‘Hey, can you start writing some stuff to give a more organic expression to show what we’re experiencing as a group of believers?'”

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Source: CBN