The Devil Is a Lie: 63-year-old Bishop Dwight Reed of the Christ Apostolic Temple in Des Moines Is Defending His Marriage to a Teen in Iowa Court – Bishop Demetrius Sinegal Said, “This Marriage Tears at the Very Fiber of the Social Construct of the African American Family. Children Are Taught to Respect Their Grandparent’s Contemporaries Not to Marry Them”

DES MOINES, Iowa — Bishop Demetrius Sinegal, the founder of an advocacy organization that works to expose clergy abuse, flew in from Texas and called for a full investigation into the November 15th marriage of Des Moines Bishop Dwight Reed and Jordan Reed of the Christ Apostolic Temple. Dwight is 63-years-old and Jordan is 19.

“This marriage tears at the very fiber of the social construct of the African American family. Children are taught to respect their grandparent contemporaries not to marry them,” said Sinegal.

On April 6, 2022, the newlyweds and the Christ Apostolic Temple began protecting the marriage in the court of law by filing a lawsuit together in Polk County against Bishop Sinegal and the Kingdom Church seeking $1.5 million in damages from libel. “If it were to come to that, no statement that we have made is without witnesses,” Sinegal said.

Iowa law states the minimum age to marry without parental consent is eighteen but Bishop Sinegal claims Jordan’s paternal grandfather came on one of Sinegal’s many online platforms alleging clergy abuse. “He came on and emphatically condemned this marriage. His words and I quote were ‘Her father sold his daughter out and pimped her out for his own self-gain.’”

The lawsuit claims Bishop Sinegal’s allegations have caused severe past and future emotional distress. Loss of revenue, as well as a loss of reputation and good standing in the community. “Because of the power imbalances it is always the responsibility of the caregiver to maintain appropriate and ethical boundaries,” said Sinegal.

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Source: WHO13