8 Items Around Your House That May Be Worth More Than You Think


Here’s some extra motivation to get your spring cleaning done — you may uncover unexpected sources of cash. From collectibles to unused electronics, there are likely items around your home that you can sell for more than you think.

Here’s a look at the items you may have lying around that you can cash in for big bucks.

Pokémon Cards

Not every Pokémon card is worth a fortune, but some of the rarer cards can be sold for big bucks. The most valuable Pokémon card — the Pikachu Illustrator — is valued at $900,000, according to Game Rant.


If you have any unused laptops at home, consider trading them in for cash on sites like Decluttr and Gazelle. The value of your unused tech will depend on the model, year and condition. Many households have $400 to $800 worth of cash in the form of unused laptop computers, said Michele Perry, a consumer tech expert at Gazelle.

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SOURCE: Yahoo, GoBankingRates – Gabrielle Olya