Tia Mowry encourages Black women—especially those with a religious upbringing—to seek mental health help apart from church

Courtesy of Tia Mowry/Instagram

If you feel skeptical about therapy and mental health treatment, especially if you are a Black woman who grew up in the church, actor and cookbook author, Tia Mowry, can relate.

Best known for her role in the ‘90s sitcom, Sister, Sister, the 43-year-old recently told Yahoo that because of her Christian upbringing, she wasn’t too keen on seeking mental health help outside of the church.

After all, therapy was not encouraged or practiced.

But the star of Netflix’s Family Reunion has had a change of heart about mental health treatment and has fully embraced therapy thanks to a friend’s suggestion. “A few years ago, I was neglecting my mental health and a good friend of mine told me I needed therapy,” she said.

Even though Mowry, host of her own YouTube series Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, did not immediately warm to the idea, her friend “was persistent.” Now she gives him “a lot of credit for his advice” and guidance toward mental health maintenance.

The wife and mother of two, who has launched a new cookware collection, Spice by Tia Mowry, has a lot to balance which makes prioritizing her mental health even more important. But getting assistance with juggling everything on her full plate was not the main catalyst for seeking therapy.

For Mowry, grief and loss were the real driving forces.

“I realized after the passing of two family members — one was old, and one was young — how short life really is. I needed to find my peace and my true happiness and focus on my mental health and start therapy,” she explained.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine Online – Tina Wyatt