Here We Go and the Devil is a Lie: South Carolina Church Sponsors Drag Queen Event and It’s Called “Drag Me to Church” — Martin Luther is Turning Over in His Grave

So, you say you had enough when you saw that French teacher performing in drag for high school students in Middleton, Wisconsin? Well, get ready for more woke craziness – this time, in a church.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Greenville, South Carolina has announced a “Drag Me to Church” event featuring “Lady Douche”!

While it’s not replacing a regular Sunday service in the sanctuary, the church is still sponsoring this event on-site, scheduled for a Thursday evening in the church gym.

I wonder if they’ll open this gender-bending, drag queen performance with prayer?

The Trinity Lutheran Church Facebook page promises, “You’ll be endlessly entertained as the Lady Douche leads us through her unique style of worship which includes as many laughs as it does amens!”

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SOURCE: CBN News, Gary Lane