A Godly Biblical Woman Tries to Use an Object Lesson in the Real World to Help Women Understand a Spiritual Lesson, and the Lesson Is What the Bible Says Clearly in Ephesians 5:22-24, Emphasizing in Her Hashtag “God’s Way Is the Best Way,” and the So-called Christian Jezebels on the Internet Came After Her in Only the Way That They Can Do It, Ripping a Godly Christian Woman Apart Because She Espouses What the Bible Says. People, This Is a Problem. Sarah Locke, No You Stop It, and Beth Allison Barr, You Cry for Yourself for Belittling Christian Women Who Are Trying to Do It God’s Way, Which Is the Best Way. Women Here Is What God’s Word Says About the Issue: “Wives, Submit Yourselves Unto Your Own Husbands, as Unto the Lord. For the Husband Is the Head of the Wife, Even as Christ Is the Head of the Church: and He Is the Saviour of the Body. Therefore as the Church Is Subject Unto Christ, So Let the Wives Be to Their Own Husbands in Every Thing.” If There Is No Room in the Church for Women Trying to Do It God’s Way, There Is Certainly No Room for Jezebels