Promise Keepers Hosts ‘The Free Man Challenge’ to Help Men Break Away from Porn Addiction – Daniel Whyte III Says Promise Keepers and Other Evangelical Groups Can Keep Calling So-called Christian Men Looking at Pornography an Addiction All They Want tom but There Is No Such Thing. If a Man Can Look at Pornography Without It Convicting and Bothering Him and He Is Choosing to Do It, He Is Lost and on His Way to Hell. A Christian Man May Be Tempted and Struggle With It, but He Is Not Going to Keep on Doing It Without It Convicting and Bothering Him. This Is What Is Wrong With the Church Today. We Have a Bunch of People in the Church Who Are Not Saved and Are on Their Way to Hell and We Use Psychological Terms to Deal With Sin. If You Are a True Christian Then God Will Set You Free From Pornography Because “If the Son Therefore Shall Make You Free, Ye Shall Be Free Indeed.” And if You Are a Son of God and Not a Bastard God Will Take You to the Woodshed and Chastise You for Sinning Because Hebrews 12:8 Says, “But if Ye Be Without Chastisement, Whereof All Are Partakers, Then Are Ye Bastards, and Not Sons.” But Do What You Please My Sweet Evangelical Brothers. I Love You All.

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International Says Quite Frankly and Humbly Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Is Showing a Grave Lack of Wisdom and Tact by Taking Lightly and Dismissing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s Sobering Words That Putin Will Turn to Nuclear Weapons as “Saber Rattling” and Then Doubling Down by Saying His Plan Is to Weaken Russia So It Can’t “Bully Neighbors.” What Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Is Doing Is Extremely Dangerous Because When People Have Nuclear Weapons and They Threaten to Use Them, I Think You Need to Err on the Side of Caution and Believe Them, Particularly Considering the Fact That They Are Raining Down Hell on Civilians. So All of This Happy, Everything Is Under Control and We Are Going to Win Talk Needs to Cease Before Thousands Dead Turns to Millions Dead