455 Unborn Lives Saved From Abortion During ’40 Days for Life’ Spring Campaign

Hundreds of unborn babies were saved from abortion during the 40 Days For Life spring campaign. The movement involves volunteers praying, fasting, and holding peaceful vigils outside abortion clinics.

The pro-life organization, which conducts a 40-day campaign that strives to end abortion, announced on its website that they know of “455 babies saved from abortion” from March 2 to April 10.

A baby was saved in Niagara Falls, New York after pro-life volunteers helped a pregnant 17-year-old woman. Her boyfriend and family “vowed to disown” her if she didn’t follow through with an abortion.

“She saw the prayer warriors on-site with their signs and decided she couldn’t do it,” said Pastor Bill, a local campaign leader. “My friend is going to give her a place to live for the time being. Her baby is safe, and she will be living with a strong Christian family. Glory to God on high!”

In Thousand Oaks, California, a pregnant woman had chosen to terminate her pregnancy by taking an abortion pill. After speaking with 40 Days for Life volunteers, she had a change of heart and immediately began the process of reversing the abortion.

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Source: CBN