Here We Go and the Devil Is a Lie: President Obama and White and Black Pastors Who Joined Him in Endorsing and Sanctioning the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda, YOU NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD GO THIS FAR, DID YOU? I Double Dog Dare You to Lie and Say You Did. Dwyane Wade’s 14-year-old Son Who Calls Himself Zaya is Pictured Openly Kissing His So-called Boyfriend on Easter. This Is an Abomination Before God and It Is a Double Abomination Because It Was on Easter, When We Remember the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who Suffered, Bled, and Died for Our Sins, Including the Sins of Homosexuals. Dwyane and Gabrielle Wade, You Both Were Raised Better Than This and You Both Know Better Than This. Your 14-year-old Child Should Not Be Kissing Anybody at This Young Age — a Boy or a Girl, and Especially Not on Easter, One of the Holiest Days of the Year for Christians. Both of You Need to Think About Your Beautiful Daughter Kaavia. She Does Not Need to See This Foolishness. Dwyane, You Are One of the Greatest Basketball Players of All Time, and Gabrielle, You Are One of Our Favorite Actresses, but Both of You Are Wrong as the Devil. We at BCNN1 Call on President Obama to Get With His Former Vice President Biden Who Egged Him on to Start This Foolishness in the First Place to Admit That it is Wrong and Has Gone Too Far, as Did a Medical Doctor by the Name of “Erica” Anderson Who Is a Transvestite Who Said “It Has Gone Too Far.” President Obama, Put a Stop to This Train Now Because People Are Not Going to Remember You for the Affordable Care Act, They Are Going to Remember You for Doing More for Homosexuals Than for Black People and Bringing This Curse Upon Our Nation. President Obama, You Need to Admit That You Would Not Allow Your Son to Be Kissing on Another Boy at 14 Years Old or at Any Time as Long as He Is in Your House. You Need to Admit That.

The judgmental world of social media can’t stop talking about Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya Wade openly kissing her boyfriend as seen through posted pics.

The Wades shared highlights from their Easter celebration through a series of photos posted by Zaya and Gabrielle Union, Zaya’s stepmom. The two are close. Union helped Dwyane come to terms with Zaya, who was born a male, wanting to transition to living as a female.

But social media is debating over the intimate photos Zaya posted with her boyfriend, who attended the Wade’s Easter festivities.

Union was the first to share a family photo showing her and Dwyane smiling proudly next to their three kids and two plus-ones.

Dwyane’s eldest son Zaire, 20, was seen cuddling alongside his girlfriend while Zaya, 14, did the same with her boyfriend. Little Kaavia James held onto Daddy Dwyane while beaming from ear to ear.

Zaya followed up Gabrielle’s post with her own praising how she spent her Easter surrounded by love.

The Wades are well aware of all the public scrutiny surrounding Zaya’s sexuality. There continues to be great debate around Dwyane allowing his daughter to transition so young. Zaya posting affectionate photos with her partner further ignited the public to pass judgment.

Andrew Caldwell, a.k.a. “Mr. Delivert,” was the first on Instagram to pass judgment on the Wades’ parenting style.

“I don’t care about preferences,” Caldwell wrote. “But I do know if your daughter was 14 you wouldn’t be pleased with her taking pictures of herself kissing her boyfriend at 14.”

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Source: Black Enterprise