You Can Throw Away Those Masks if You’re Flying… or Can You? Not so Fast

For travelers tired of wearing masks, a new pre-flight announcement is music to the ears: “Masks are now optional.”

Just 24 hours after the federal mask mandate was struck down for travel on planes and public transportation, signage in airports started being removed and the masks started coming off.

Atlanta resident Patricia Manns said, “I think it’s wonderful. I just want to scream and tell everybody, ‘Take those masks off, enjoy life, breathe.'”

But while Amtrak and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have also dropped their mask rules, several major cities like New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco still require them on some public transit, which means passengers are still forced to wear masks at some airports but not on the actual planes.

One traveler said, “It’s contradicting, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that,’ and then we have to listen to both.”

And some are still wearing masks anyway.

Airline passenger Sarah Murray said, “We’ve got a little one here who’s too young to be vaccinated. We are going to be careful. While on the airport and the plane we are going to wear our masks.”

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Source: CBN