Pastor Tom Buck of First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas, Was the “Pastor in Another State” Who Contacted Florida Pastor and Then-Southern Baptist Presidential Candidate Willy Rice About the Member of Rice’s Deacon Board Who Had Previously “Committed a Sexual Sin That Could Also Be Described as Abusive.” – Daniel Whyte III Still Says the “Biennial” Lynching Needs to Stop in the Southern Baptist Convention. It Makes No Difference Whether You Are a Conservative or a Liberal. The Southern Baptist Convention Should Not Be Divided Up Into Political Parties in the First Place. We Are Supposed to Be One Party for Christ

A statement released to the website of First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas, on Tuesday (April 19) has revealed that senior pastor Tom Buck was the “pastor in another state” who contacted Florida pastor and then SBC presidential candidate Willy Rice about the member of Rice’s deacon board who had previously “committed a sexual sin that could also be described as abusive.”

On April 1, Rice publicly disclosed that Calvary Church in Clearwater, Florida, had installed the deacon, whom RNS has identified as Jeff Ford, despite being aware of the sexual misconduct he committed before coming to Calvary Church.

Further, the church had now removed Ford from the deacon board in accordance with a 2021 SBC resolution, which says in part, “Resolved that the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention believe that any person who has committed sexual abuse is permanently disqualified from holding the office of pastor and that we recommend all affiliated churches apply this standard to all positions of church leadership.”

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Source: Church Leaders, Dale Chamberlain