Here We Go! The Devil Is a Lie! God Forbid! Former Leader of Church of England Calls Gender Transitions ‘Sacred’, Pushes for Law That Could Ban Biblical Beliefs

The former leader of the Church of England joined a group of religious leaders in the United Kingdom in telling British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that becoming transgender is “a sacred journey.”

The letter was written by LGBT activist Steve Chalke and signed by ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Rowan Williams and several church ministers. It called for the U.K. government to include gender confusion in its ban on so-called “conversion therapy”, The Christian Institute reported.

“To be trans is to enter a sacred journey of becoming whole: precious, honored and loved, by yourself, by others, and by God,” the letter said.

“To allow those discerning this journey to be subject to coercive or undermining practices is to make prayer a means of one person manipulating another,” the letter continued. “It is a wrong-hearted notion of care and a wrong-headed understanding of conversion. Every church should be a safe space that affirms people in being who they are without fear of judgment.”

The letter was sent to Johnson following the announcement late last month that the British government had dropped its plans for a new ban on therapy for people with same-sex attraction, saying the therapy would be prevented through existing law. This sparked immediate criticism from LGBT groups and some lawmakers.

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Source: CBN