This is Sad: Mark Wahlberg Has Changed Churches Multiple Times To Avoid Getting Pitched Movies

In an interview with Insider, actor and entrepreneur Mark Wahlberg expressed that it has been difficult to find a church he can attend without being subject to movie pitches from other parishioners.

“I mean, I would literally move around from church to church because I would get pitched a lot,” Wahlberg, who is Catholic, said. “Yeah. I’m not at church looking to find material. I’m trying to find some peace and quiet to be able to worship.”

Ironically, it was a priest who pitched Wahlberg the idea for his latest film, “Father Stu,” a biopic about a boxer turned priest named Stuart Long. Wahlberg compared the circumstances of the pitch to a “bad joke,” according to RNS, as he was out to dinner with “two priests and a bottle of wine.”

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Source: Church Leaders, Dale Chamberlain