The Great Interviewer Charlie Rose Is Back at 80 Years Old After Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Interviews Warren Buffet Who Claims Elon Musk Is ‘Winning’ and Deserves His Success

Charlie Rose made a surprise return to interviewing on Thursday, releasing his first sit-down on his own website since he was fired from CBS and PBS over sexual misconduct allegations.

Rose, 80, sat down with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett to discuss his thoughts on business and many of the headline-makers of today.

‘I’m proud to share this recent conversation with Warren Buffett,’ Rose said in a statement. ‘It is his first interview on camera in almost a year and the first I’ve done in more than 4 years. It is a step in a journey to engage the most interesting people and explore the most compelling ideas in the world.’

It’s the first video posted to Rose’s website since November 17, 2017. He has yet to post it on his YouTube or Twitter accounts.

Buffett, 91, joked about being ‘free at last’ after having taken only two flights in the last two years.

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Source: Daily Mail