Moment a Confused Looking Biden Sticks Out His Hand and Appears to Shake Thin Air After Falsely Claiming in Speech That He Had Also Been a ‘Full Professor’ at University of Pennsylvania for Four Years

President Joe Biden looked lost again Thursday after finishing a speech on the nation’s ongoing supply chain crisis when he turned around and stuck his hand out as if to shake hands – but there was no one else on stage.

The 79-year-old president claimed before the handshake fiasco that he had served as a ‘full professor’ at the University of Pennsylvania despite never teaching a class at the school, in yet another gaffe that has Republicans questioning Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Last week, Biden looked disoriented during an event that saw former President Barack Obama visit the White House for the first time since leaving office.

Immediately after ending the speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, with the signoff ‘God bless you all,’ footage from the Thursday event shows Biden turning to his right and seemingly saying something to the empty space behind him before miming a handshake – suggesting the president did not know he was alone at the podium.

In the clip, the aging Democrat proceeds to frantically look around the stage with a bewildered look on his face, before beginning to wander aimlessly around the crowded auditorium after realizing there was no one to shake hands with.

The president then bizarrely turned his back to the audience, looking lost on the stage as music rolled, marking the speech’s conclusion.

The strange behavior from Biden – the latest of several brain lapses by the president in recent years – instantly sparked a firestorm online, with many, including Texas Senator Cruz, 51, pointing to the politician’s most recent display of possible cognitive deterioration.

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Source: Daily Mail