Here We Go: What an Abomination Before God: Caitlyn Jenner Is Reigning at Fox News as He Supports Elon Musk in Twitter Take-over Bid and Says He Was ‘shadow Banned’ by the Website for Joining Fox News as a Contributor – God Help Us All

Caitlyn Jenner backed Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover bid on Thursday, saying it’s time someone stopped the site from ‘censoring’ debate and claiming that she was ‘shadow banned’ after joining FOX News.

Jenner, 72, joined FOX as a contributor two weeks ago and claims that since then, her engagement from followers has dramatically decreased.

Twitter and other social media sites have long been accused of ‘shadow-banning’ prominent users whose views they deem ‘harmful,’ making it harder for users to find their profiles, or see their posts.

The trans ex-Olympian says it is proof that Twitter and other woke big tech companies no longer foster free speech and open debate, but squash conservative voices they do not agree with – like hers.

In an appearance on America Reports on Thursday, she said: ‘I love Elon Musk, I agree with him 100%. You know, I love Twitter, I’ve used it for years.

My family was really involved from the beginning and helped build the platform. I joined in 2015 and broke the world record of the fastest ever to 1million followers. I’ve enjoyed using it – using it recently having fun with it to have fun and stimulate conversation and then two weeks ago, guess what? I joined FOX News and guess what happened? I got shadow banned on Twitter.

‘My engagements went down dramatically, I was absolutely shocked… I got shadow banned. My reach is much less now today,’ she said.

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Source: Daily Mail