2022 Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions Submission Portal Opens on Friday, April 15

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – The submission portal for 2022 SBC resolutions will open just after midnight tonight, or 12:01 a.m. Friday (April 15).

In accordance with SBC Bylaw 20, proposed resolutions may be submitted as early as April 15 but no later than 15 days prior to the SBC Annual Meeting, giving the Resolutions Committee a two-week period in which to consider submissions. Committee members also may propose resolutions for consideration during the committee’s deliberations. Resolutions not submitted within the submission period will not be considered.

“The Committee on Resolutions has met and is organized around one goal: To play our role in letting the Holy Spirit speak through the messenger body of the Southern Baptist Convention,” said Bart Barber, chairman of the 2022 SBC Resolutions Committee. “Just as we are committed to playing our role, we encourage you to pray about playing your role as individual convention messengers.”

Proposed resolutions must be accompanied by certification that the individual submitting the resolution is a member in good standing of a church qualified to send messengers to the SBC Annual Meeting.

“As someone who has written and submitted resolutions to the committee many times in the past, I know firsthand the excitement and passion that can accompany submitting a resolution, the nervousness that can accompany waiting to see the committee’s recommendation, and the intensity that can accompany those moments during the committee’s report at the annual meeting,” Barber said. “Please know that every word you write will be read carefully. Our first duty is to the messenger body, to help them say what God is leading them to say. Just behind that duty, however, is our intention to help you present your resolution in the most favorable way possible.”

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Source: Baptist Press