Here We Go, the Devil Is a Lie, and What an Abomination in the Sight of God and All Decent Normal People: Two Inmates at an All-Women’s New Jersey Jail Are Pregnant After Both Had Sex With So-called “Transgender” Prisoners: This Is the Same Prison Where the ALCU Won a Legal Battle to House 27 So-called “Transgender” (in Other Words, Male) Inmates There – Daniel Whyte III Again Asks, Where Are You Pastors? Where Is the Outrage? You Never Saw This Coming, Did You, When You Colluded With the Government to Sanction the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, the Homosexual Agenda, and Homosexuals Being Members of the Church. You Are Answering to God Now and You Will Answer to God Later

Two women at New Jersey’s only all-women’s prison have both fallen pregnant after having sex with transgender inmates.

The pregnant women, who were not identified, are housed at the embattled Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, in Clinton, which New Jersey Governor announced plans to close last year.

Prison bosses said that in both instances, the sex was consensual.

It is unclear if the women had sex with the same transgender inmate, or if it was two different inmates. Edna Mahan houses 27 transgender prisoners, and over 800 women altogether. It is also unclear how far along the two inmates are, and whether they plan to continue with their respective pregnancies. An investigation has been launched.

The correctional facility began to house transgender women – including those that have yet to undergo gender reassignment surgery – last year.

That came as part of a settlement following a lawsuit brought by a trans woman and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Jersey.

ACLU legal director Jeanne LoCicero defended on Tuesday the policy, saying it ensured the rights of trans prisoners were not violated.

‘[It’s] in line with New Jersey’s strong anti-discrimination laws that prevent discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity,’ she told local news outlet

Edna Mahan, the only women’s prison in the Garden State, does not require transgender inmates to proceed with reassignment surgery in order to be housed at the correctional.

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Source: Daily Mail