Her Imam Said She Would Suffer ‘Hellfire’ for Eternity, Then She Heard the Voice of Jesus

Hanging from her hair in hellfire for all eternity – that was supposed to be Hedieh’s punishment. What was her crime? She simply removed her head covering. But now, after 22 years in Islam, she’s no longer afraid of her eternal destiny because she heard the loving voice of Jesus Christ.

“In Islam, God is not a father. God is the ultimate judge. And He sits apart from us, judging absolutely every single thing that we do,” she explains.

Hedieh’s parents emigrated from Iran to the U.S. in search of the American dream. They found it. Hedieh grew up among the wealth and opulence of Beverly Hills but she says it wasn’t enough.

“It never was fulfilling. I felt – I actually felt really guilty about having what the world would describe as just about everything, and yet being sad. And I always wondered what was that space in my heart that made me feel empty,” she recalls.

While in college at UCLA she hoped religion would fill the void. Her dad pushed her to Islam and her boyfriend took her to a local mosque.

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Source: CBN