Necole Kane Wants to Help Women Have Healthier Periods with New Plant-Based Supplement My Happy Flo

Necole Kane, CEO My Happy Flo / Photo: Necole Kane

For many women, that time of the month can be downright miserable. And if you experience painful cramps, heavy bleeding and awful mood swings, that visit from Aunt Flo can completely take over your life. But Necole Kane of the popular lifestyle site is here to tell you that those awful period symptoms are not normal. They’re actually a sign that your hormones are out of whack. Kane wants to change the relationship women have with their periods, and she talked to us about a plant-based product she’s developed to help them do it.

My Happy Flo is a daily supplement that balances women’s hormones and allows them to experience shorter, lighter periods with less clotting and little to no cramping in the process. Kane says most of her customers see a difference in their period within the first month. “For me, it was very important to launch a brand like this for women of color. Because a lot of brands in the wellness space really don’t include Black women in the conversation,” she says.

Kane’s vision was to create a natural remedy for the discomfort that can make a woman’s life difficult for days every month. “Our periods affect our intimacy, mental health and self-esteem. For some women, it affects their ability to receive promotions at work because they’re calling out sick every month,” she says.

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SOURCE: The Root, Angela Johnson