Ketanji Brown Jackson to Become the Only Avowed Protestant on the Supreme Court – Daniel Whyte III Says That Is Good and That Is Another History-making Marker, but She Still Needs to Be Able to Define What a Woman Is and She Still Needs to Stop Letting Pedophiles Off

WASHINGTON (BP) – Ketanji Brown Jackson, identifying in her confirmation hearing as a nondenominational Protestant, is the first avowed Protestant named to the U.S. Supreme Court since John Paul Stevens, who died in 2010.

Neil Gorsuch, raised Catholic and now attending an Episcopalian church, has not widely stated whether he considers himself Anglican or Catholic. When asked about his religion during confirmation hearings in 2017, he said he attends an Episcopal church in Colorado with his immediate family.

Jackson has not publicly announced her church membership, but described herself as a nondenominational Protestant when questioned March 22 by Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina. Confirmed April 7 by a 53-47 vote of the U.S. Senate, Jackson will replace Associate Justice Stephen Breyer this summer upon his retirement.

Christianity Today described Jackson as the first nondenominational Protestant to serve on the court.

Catholic and Jewish members complete the makeup of the nine-member institution that historically was all Protestant until 1895. President Andrew Jackson appointed Roger B. Taney, a Catholic, as chief justice that year, according to the Supreme Court Historical Society.

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Source: Baptist Press