There’s a Devil Loose: the Demon Was in the Exorcist – 3-year-old Fighting for Her Life After Man Allegedly Repeatedly Stabs Her to ‘Get the Demons Out’

There’s a horrific story out of Las Vegas, Nevada, where a man is accused of stabbing a 3-year-old girl multiple times, telling relatives he was trying to “get the demons out of her.”

Alan Wilson, 28, is accused of stabbing the child up to 11 times during a home Bible study March 31.

There were reportedly around five family members gathered with Wilson at the time, according to reports.

One report indicates the attack unfolded during a Bible study, and another alleges it took place while the child was eating dinner, though the definitive details remain unclear.

Witnesses claim the accused purportedly attacked the child from behind. Another family member reportedly wrestled the knife out of his hand, with others rushing to help the child.

“I need to get the demons out of her,” a witness quoted Wilson as saying. “I need to save her.”

He reportedly fled the scene but was later located by authorities. Wilson has been charged with attempted murder, child abuse, and battery charges, KTNV-TV reported.

After the attack, the child, identified in at least one report as being 4 years old, was rushed over to a local fire station and then the hospital.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the little girl required at least three surgeries and had damage to her spleen, kidney, and an artery, with stab wounds to multiple parts of her body. She was stabbed seven times in the back and sustained other wounds to her armpit, forearm, hand, and right tricep.

Doctors reportedly believe the little girl will need additional surgeries to repair the injuries.

Wilson had his first appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court Thursday; his bail has been set at $250,000.

An April 7 article from WEAU-TV reported the child is “fighting for her life” after the attack. Continue to pray for her and her family members who witnessed the unthinkable.

Source: Faithwire