There’s a Devil Loose: Man Accused of Killing His Mother Says He Did it Because ‘I Was Possessed by Demons’

A man accused of murdering his own mother allegedly told authorities he believed he was possessed by demons when he committed the horrific act.

The new revelations surrounding the homicide of Theresa Graham, 74, were recently unveiled in court documents, with an affidavit claiming her son, Yeurashka Graham, 48, admitted to the murder.

“I killed my mother. I did it on I think Mother’s Day, but it wasn’t me,” Graham reportedly told a deputy at El Paso County Criminal Justice Center after his arrest. “I was possessed by demons. Drugs made me do it. Drugs put the demons in me.”

Theresa Graham’s body was discovered under a tarp in May 2021 after officials were alerted about a fire on the residential property.

On the same night, numerous media reports claimed Yeurashka Graham drove a vehicle into other cars and exhibited strange behavior. He allegedly damaged vehicles with a metal pole, waved a crucifix around at people, threatened to kill a cop, and was yelling about Jesus and God, KDVR-TV reported.

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Source: CBN