Shanghai Residents Revolt Over Coronavirus Plague Lockdown: Videos Shows Mobs Looting Stores for Food After Being Confined to Their Homes for 22 Days (and Cases Are Still Going Up Thanks to Omicron)

Public disorder broke out in Shanghai last night as the Chinese Communist regime’s draconian restrictions to eradicate coronavirus cases left residents running out of food – while cases continue to rise.

China’s largest city and financial centre has been under lockdown for 22 days, despite public health officials warnings that the Omicron Covid variant is so infectious that it cannot be wiped out by lockdowns.

Shanghai residents are only allowed to leave their homes once a day to collect food and infected Chinese children have been separated from their parents in a desperate attempt to stop the virus spreading.

A video yesterday also showed a ‘Covid protection warden’ beating a corgi dog to death with a shovel because its owner was infected with coronavirus.

Covid cases in China’s largest city rose again to a record 23,600 new infections recorded on Friday, according to official statistics which are likely to be understating the true amount of infections.

The 26 million people under lockdown in Shanghai have continued to complain about food shortages due to a lack of couriers to carry out deliveries and uncertainty about when lockdown curbs may end.

And desperate residents looted emergency food supply points last night according to videos shared on, and swiftly deleted from, Chinese state-censored site Weibo.

The videos also showed crowds of Shanghai residents storming stores for undelivered food parcels.

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Source: Daily Mail