Sad and Angry America is Poised to Punish Democrats This Fall but the Republicans Will Not Do Any Better Because the Church Is Not Willing to Humble Herself, Pray, Turn From Her Wicked Ways, Confess Her Sins and Repent and Get Back to Her First Love, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Problem Is Not With the Country or Republicans and Democrats; the Problem Is With the Church Not Doing What God Commanded Her to Do in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission and Repent of Her Sins

Here We Go: Mickey Mouse and Disney Doubles Down and Joins Transgender Ad Campaign Claiming Republicans Want to ‘Tear Families Apart’ – Daniel Whyte III Says It Is So Sad That Politicians Have to Fight This Battle When Preachers Should Have Won This Battle a Long Time Ago by Insisting That Homosexuals Stay in the Closet in the First Place, and in the Country That God Gave Us, That Could Have Happened and We Would Not Be at This Stupid Place Where Governors Have to Fight Mickey Mouse and Be Accused of Trying to Tear Families Apart When They Are Actually Trying to Save Families. Now We Have a Situation Where Pastors and Church Folk Are Lining Up Behind Governors When They Should Have Been Leading the Politicians and the People From the Get-go