Here We Go: Mickey Mouse and Disney Doubles Down and Joins Transgender Ad Campaign Claiming Republicans Want to ‘Tear Families Apart’ – Daniel Whyte III Says It Is So Sad That Politicians Have to Fight This Battle When Preachers Should Have Won This Battle a Long Time Ago by Insisting That Homosexuals Stay in the Closet in the First Place, and in the Country That God Gave Us, That Could Have Happened and We Would Not Be at This Stupid Place Where Governors Have to Fight Mickey Mouse and Be Accused of Trying to Tear Families Apart When They Are Actually Trying to Save Families. Now We Have a Situation Where Pastors and Church Folk Are Lining Up Behind Governors When They Should Have Been Leading the Politicians and the People From the Get-go

The Walt Disney Company is doubling and tripling down amid the furor over Florida’s mischaracterized and maligned Parental Rights in Education bill.

In concert with three other major media companies, Disney is reportedly airing a PSA-style ad featuring a transgender teenager and the child’s family, according to The National Desk.

“There are some politicians who are trying to tear my family apart, simply because my son is transgender,” says the teen’s mother, later adding, “Trans kids don’t have a political agenda. They are just kids. They just want to be left alone. My family is just like yours, we love our kids unconditionally and we will never stop fighting for them. Stand with us. Protect our families.”

CNBC reported this week the new ad will be airing on Disney-owned stations. It will also air on outlets owned by Comcast, WarnerMedia, and Paramount.

This development comes as media outlets, leftist groups, and Disney have condemned and mischaracterized Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which is slated to take effect July 1. The media has repeatedly described it as the “Don’t Say Gay bill,” even though the word “gay” never once appears in the five-page bill and does not prohibit use of the term. Rather, the law bars educators from teaching students in pre-K through third-grade classrooms about sexual orientation and gender identity.

In addition to the ad campaign, Deadline reported Thursday that Disney has cast transgender actor Talisa Garcia to star in its anticipated Disney+ series “Willow.” Garcia will be the first known openly transgender actor in a production by Lucasfilm, which is owned by Disney.

As CBN’s Faithwire previously reported, these developments come as Disney CEO Bob Chapek apologized during an internal conference to LGBT staff members, pledging to be a “better ally” moving forward. He also said The Walt Disney Company would “move quickly” to implement more unspecified changes, many of which have been recommended by Disney’s “LGBTQIA+ advisory council.” You can read more on that here.

Source: Faithwire