Professional Mistress Who Only Dates Married Men Gives Her Advice to Wives on How to Stop Their Husbands From Straying and Committing Adultery, Including Defiling the House of God by Having Sex in the Back of the Church

A professional mistress who exclusively dates married men has revealed the reasons why men are unfaithful and how to avoid being cheated on.

Amy Kupps, 33, from North Carolina, explained that she hears the same complaints from her lovers and believes there are sure-fire ways to avoid any extramarital relations.

The former teacher-turned-OnlyFans content creator, recommends bringing more excitement to the bedroom, whether that involves watching X-rated videos with your partner, or getting a boob job in order to fulfil their desires about how you look.

‘Your partner is guaranteed to stay if you fulfil their sexual fantasies,’ Amy said.

‘Pleasuring your partner frequently and often is key.

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Source: Daily Mail