Activist Moms Jacqui Berlinn and Gina McDonald Say San Francisco is ‘a Mother’s Worst Nightmare’ and Its Multi-Million Dollar Homeless Industrial Complex is a Sham That Takes Advantage of the Misery of Drug Addicts Like Our Children

We are the co-founders of Mothers Against Drug Deaths and we say: Enough! (Above) Gina McDonald (on left) and Jacqui Berlinn (on right) protesting outside San Francisco’s Linkage Center on February 5, 2022

Jacqui Berlinn and Gina McDonald are co-founders of Mothers Against Drug Deaths

Business is booming in San Francisco, except it’s not anything that anyone should be proud of.

We call this multi-million dollar industry the homeless industrial complex – and San Francisco is leading the way.

Feces, dirty needles, and tent encampments on the streets of the Tenderloin are part of it.

Children walked to school by hired guards, smash and grab crimes and loose fentanyl residue on sidewalks that can be licked by a dog or carried by the wind into a playground are part of it.

Drug dealers, armed with guns and machetes, standing in packs of dozens, openly selling fentanyl while police helplessly look on are part of it.

But the addicts — barely surviving, with clothes hanging off their shoulders showing open sores, pipes in their hands – are the most important part of the homeless industrial complex.

If the addicts were gone tomorrow this business would disappear, but apparently the powers that be don’t want that to happen.

We are the co-founders of Mothers Against Drug Deaths (MADD) and we say: Enough!

We’ve seen with our own eyes what’s happening in San Francisco, because we’re on the streets, talking with the street-people, protesting against the drug dealers and searching for our loved ones.

This city is a mother’s worst nightmare.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jacqui Berlinn and Gina McDonald