Instead of Preaching Fully the Message That He Had Planned on Preaching Titled “Building and Battling While Waiting and Watching, Part 31,” Daniel Whyte III Preaches an Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Out-of-the-blue Message Where He Lovingly Warns T.D. Jakes That He Is Going to End Up Like His Friends Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church and Brian Houston of Hillsong Church, Who Have Fallen Down Hard Late in Life and Their Churches Have Suffered Greatly, if He Compromises on God’s Word, Especially Regarding the Issue of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda as Well as Other Sins, So That He Can Fit in With Hollywood Stars and Starlets and for Fame and Fortune. As Always, Daniel Whyte III Preached the Gospel As Well.