People Unsatisfied With the Way God Made Them Are Using Hair Dye to Give Themselves Fake Freckles in Bizarre New Internet Trend with Sometimes Disastrous Results

Beauty loving TikTokers are trying a bizarre new trend where they spray hair colour on their face to create fake freckles with many having hilariously disastrous results

TikTokers are trying a bizarre new beauty trend where they spray temporary hair colour on their face to get fake freckles.

Makeup enthusiasts have come up with dozens of ways to hop aboard the faux freckles trend and the latest involves a light splash of instant root concealer spray meant for hair on their cheeks and nose.

Videos of beauty gurus trying the ‘hack’ have flooded the popular app with it working for some but having hilariously disastrous results for others.

After British beauty influencer Sydney Purl went viral last month when she achieved a perfect freckled face with the hair colour spray, Australian TikTokers tried the trend for themselves.

Chloe Dillon uploaded a video of her bungled DIY freckles that has received more than 9.2million views.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Louise Allingham