Does British Citizen Need Visa for the USA?

Getting a visa to the US is one of the most complicated processes. You have to go through a lot of hassle while getting a US visa. However, if you are a British citizen, you are safe from all the hassle of the visa process.

The US government has a special provision for letting UK citizens into the United States. There is an alternate way to get into the US for British citizens. The ESTA; US Electronic System For Travel Authorization is a special provision for British citizens to visit the USA.

There are certain rules to be followed while applying for the ESTA. However, British citizens must meet the ESTA requirement before applying. Here we have a complete guide to the ESTA system.

What is ESTA?

ESTA is a visa waiver system of the US government. British citizens may get an ESTA by fulfilling certain conditions. The United Kingdom falls under the list of countries waived by the US government. People from the UK can directly apply for the ESTA online.

ESTA Visa is an electronic visa system, it is an online visa waiver. ESTA for UK citizens allows British people to visit the US without a visa. The ESTA program was introduced back in 2009 to allow citizens from different countries including the UK to visit the US without a visa for at most 90 days.

How can a British Citizen apply for ESTA?

The first step is to fill out a short online ESTA form. The form asks the applicants about some personal information and passport details as well.

Apart from personal details and passport information, there are also a couple of straightforward questions about health and security. The form allows the US to pre-screen the people arriving in the US.

Always make sure to provide correct and legit information and details wherever required. Misleading information can create a lot of problems afterward. Even a small error can lengthen the process for a long time.

ESTA requirement for British Citizen To Travel To US

You need to have a valid British passport. You must also provide a valid email address and correct information about yourself. Passing an exam like the UK life test is not really necessary. Always carry the passport you used to apply for the ESTA. The passport and ESTA are electronically linked, so it’s absolutely necessary to carry the same passport with you that you used for applying for the ESTA. 

Anyone who is also a UK citizen who completes the ESTA process and gets approval from the US will receive a confirmation from the UK government. The confirmation arrives within a day or sometimes even within an hour. 

Recently they have also made a provision of validating the electronic copy or soft copy of the ESTA. You don’t need to carry a printed confirmation and authorization paper anymore. 

After completing all the steps as a British citizen you will be able to travel by bus, waterways, or airways. The validity of the ESTA is 2 years but you can only stay for a maximum of 90 days per visit.