How Did Saint Peter’s Reach the Doorstep of a Final Four Bid? It’s Pretty Easy.

There has to be a method to the madness. What is the secret? How did a collection of unknown players and coaches at perhaps the most unknown school in the men’s NCAA Tournament beat a succession of higher-ranked opponents — Kentucky, Murray State and Purdue — to reach the doorstep of an unbelievable Final Four bid?

That’s the question of the tournament: How does Saint Peter’s do it?

The latest to buckle down in search of a solution is No. 8 North Carolina, which advanced to the Elite Eight with a win against No. 4 UCLA. Once again, it will be a matchup of brand power against the ultimate March Madness underdog: UNC’s win total as a program (2,320) exceeds the Peacocks’ undergraduate enrollment (2,134).

But the answer for how Saint Peter’s has reached this point may not be complicated.

“It’s pretty easy,” guard Doug Edert said of the Peacocks’ style. “All you really have to do is give 100% effort and defend.”

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SOURCE: USA TODAY, Paul Myerberg