World Health Organization Says Omicron BA.2 Sub Variant Now Prevalent Globally

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday that Omicron sub variant BA.2 is the predominant COVID-19 variant driving infections around the world.

The WHO said in its weekly epidemiological report that “in the last 30 days, BA.2 has become the predominant variant, with 251 645 sequences reported.”

It added that it made up about 85.9 percent of cases reported to the WHO in the last month.

According to the WHO, among the major Omicron descendent lineages, “weekly trends show that the relative proportion of BA.2 has increased steadily since the end of 2021, with BA.2 becoming the dominant lineage by week seven of 2022.”

The report added that this trend is most pronounced in the Southeast Asia region, followed by the Eastern Mediterranean, African, Western Pacific and European Regions. The sub variant BA.2 is currently dominant in the Region of the Americas as well.

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Source: the Hill