Michigan School Board President Voted Out After Choking, Punching Colleague in ‘Brutal Attack’

Danielle Green was removed as the president of the Flint Community Schools Board of Education after allegedly assaulting another member at a meeting. Courtesy of Flint Community Schools

A school board president in Michigan has been stripped of her position after she allegedly slammed another member’s head into a table and choked her in the middle of a meeting.

Danielle Green was voted out during a Flint Community Schools Board of Education emergency meeting Wednesday night — just hours after the alleged bloody attack on treasurer Laura MacIntyre unfolded, the Flint Journal reported.

MacIntyre said the alleged “brutal attack” was unprovoked.

She claims Green came over to her and started making threats after objecting to something MacIntyre had said during the finance subcommittee meeting.

Green allegedly choked treasurer Laura MacIntyre and slammed her head into a table. NBC25news.com

“I stood up to back away, at which point, she grabbed my throat and then grabbed my hair and slammed my head into the table and started punching me in the head,” MacIntyre claimed.

“In the moment I was shocked and surprised. It had never crossed my mind that anything like this would ever escalate like this.”

The pair had been arguing about building new schools just moments before the alleged violence broke out, Superintendent Kevelin Jones said.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Emily Crane