Here We Go: Seattle Homosexuals Drop Amazon as Sponsor Over Alleged Donations to Anti-Homosexual Politicians – Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says Jeff Bezos Is One of the Most Liberal, Freethinking Individuals on Earth Who Has Given Millions to Homosexual Causes and Millions to Many Other Causes and Now the Homosexuals in Seattle Who Have Received Millions From Amazon Want to Cancel Their Sponsorship Just Because Amazon Has Supported a Few Other Organizations That Are Against the Sin and Abomination of Homosexuality. Go Figure. People, Listen to Me: Pastors and Politicians Who Have Colluded to Sanction and Endorse Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda, You Have Colluded to Endorse a Demonic Unreasonable Group of People and the Drama Will Never End

Seattle Pride has cut ties with Amazon over the e-commerce giant’s corporate donations and its alleged request to have its name included in the title of the city’s annual LGBTQ Pride march.

The nonprofit group, which has organized the Seattle Pride Parade since 1974, issued a statement Tuesday saying it is “deeply concerned” about the Seattle-based company’s donations to “anti-LGBTQ politicians” and its fundraising efforts for anti-LGBTQ groups.

It also cited efforts by the company to call the parade — the city’s first since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic — “Seattle Pride Parade Presented by Amazon” in exchange for $100,000, the group’s executive director, Krystal Marx, told the NBC affiliate KING-TV in Seattle.

“Pride isn’t for sale at any time of the year, but especially the month of June when our community comes together to celebrate,” Marx said. “When someone has their name attached to the title of a full event that we haven’t had for two years, it makes me, as a queer individual, think this parade is going to be entirely about Amazon and celebrating their contribution.”

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Source: NBC