Daniel Whyte III, President of BlackChristianNews.com, Is Proud of Dr. Richard Land and the Christian Post for Refusing to Back Down After Twitter Reportedly Punishes Their Fine Christian Publication and Gives Them an Ultimatum Over a Tweet Calling So-called Rachel Levine a Man – BlackChristianNews.com’s Twitter Account Was Taken Down Because of Our Strong Stance Against Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, the Homosexual Agenda, and Transgender Foolishness a Year Ago and by the Grace of God We Have Not Missed a Beat

Here We Go: Seattle Homosexuals Drop Amazon as Sponsor Over Alleged Donations to Anti-Homosexual Politicians – Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says Jeff Bezos Is One of the Most Liberal, Freethinking Individuals on Earth Who Has Given Millions to Homosexual Causes and Millions to Many Other Causes and Now the Homosexuals in Seattle Who Have Received Millions From Amazon Want to Cancel Their Sponsorship Just Because Amazon Has Supported a Few Other Organizations That Are Against the Sin and Abomination of Homosexuality. Go Figure. People, Listen to Me: Pastors and Politicians Who Have Colluded to Sanction and Endorse Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda, You Have Colluded to Endorse a Demonic Unreasonable Group of People and the Drama Will Never End

Daniel Whyte III Says Hats Off to a Handful of Republicans for Showing They Stand Against the Abomination of Homosexuality and Transgenderism by Rebuking Fellow Republican and CPAC Organizer Matt Schlapp for Saying That a Transgender Swimmer Who Is a Man Playing in Women’s Sports Under the Name Lia Thomas ‘Deserves Our Compassion’ — Daniel Whyte III Says What These Brave Souls in the So-called Conservative Republican Party Ought to Do Now Is Check With the Head Honcho of the Republicans, Donald Trump, in a Very Real Sense and See if He Comes Out Like These Brave Souls Against This Confusion of Homosexuality and Transgenderism. Schlapp Is No Dummy, He Knows That Secretly Probably 60% of People in the Republican Party Are in Favor of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda, Including Trying to Change a Boy Into a Girl and a Girl Into a Boy