Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness Tells Prince William and Duchess Kate That His Nation Is ‘Moving on’ and Will be Dropping the Monarchy in Short Order and Intends to Become an Independent Republic During a Very Tense Meeting After Royal Tour Was Met With Protests Over Crown’s Historic Slave Links – Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Has Already Warned the Queen Several Times That When She Dies More Nations in the Commonwealth Will Drop the Monarchy and It Is Not Only Because of Slave Links or Because of Her Wonderful Reign, but Because Some of Her Adult Children Have Been a Stone-cold Embarrassment to the Monarchy and the Commonwealth, but More Than Anything Else It Is Because of the Monarchy’s Endorsement and Sanctioning of the Abomination of Homosexuality in the Church of England and in Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Sadly and Surprisingly, What World Leaders Like the Queen and the Royal Family, the American President, and the European Union Leader Do Not Understand Is That in the Minds of Millions of People Who Are Christian and Non-Christian, When You Accept, Promote, Endorse, and Sanction the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, the Homosexual Agenda, and All of the Demonic Fallout That Comes From That, Not to Mention That It Is Unnatural, You Automatically Lose the Respect of the People Whether They Be Christian or Non-Christian Because They Cannot Get Their Heads Around That and They Do Not Understand Why You Cannot See It as Detrimental to Society, and Most People Will Not Tell You They Do Not Respect You Anymore and They Will Not Tell You the Truth as to Why They Do Not Respect You Anymore but They Do Not Want You to Rule Over Them Anymore