Study Finds Black Women Are Still Paid Less Than Men Despite Having College Degrees or Years of Experience

Photo: Monkey Business Images (Shutterstock)

Black-owned businesses are thriving because of Black women, but Black women are still struggling in the corporate world. While the gender pay gap is starting to close, Black women are still being paid the least. The worst part is, no matter how many college degrees or years of experience they have, they are paid less than men, according to a study from

Research shows that Black women make $0.99 for every $1 white men make. But, when the job title is an executive role, that rate falls even further to $0.95 for Black women, according to the study.

Researchers wrote in the study, “Race and gender intersect to result in wider pay gaps for women of color.”

In comparison, white women make more than Black women except in an executive role, where they make $0.94 for every $1 a white man makes. In manager roles, Black and white women both make $0.97 for every $1 a white man makes.

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SOURCE: The Root, Noah A. McGee