Woman’s Life-Threatening Illness Loses to Power of Prayer

“I have autoimmune diabetes, and my blood sugar was high and I couldn’t get it down,” says Shanequa.

On Sunday November 22, 2020, Shanequa Deas began having problems with comprehension. “I was sending texts to my medical director that I worked with and also a coworker that worked in Dallas asking, ‘Why did I have to work on Sunday? And what presentation was I supposed to give?’ And both of them were like, ‘You don’t work on Sunday and there’s no presentation,'” said Shanequa.

Mary, Shanequa’s mother, also noticed something was off about her behavior. “I took her to the community hospital right down the street from us,” said Mary.

Shanequa was diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, a life-threatening complication of diabetes that can cause mental confusion. She also tested positive for Covid-19. She was transferred to University of Kansas Medical Center and placed in ICU, where she remained for six days. With her blood glucose now under control, she showed signs of improvement and was moved to a regular unit. However, Shanequa began having trouble breathing. Pneumonia had begun to set in.

“I started having some trouble, just gasping a little bit and coughing, and then I just lost my ability to catch my breath,” said Shanequa.

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SOURCE: CBN News, Shawn Brown