WATCH: Police Officer Catches Three-Year-Old Boy After His Father Drops Him Out of Second-Story Window to Save Him from Blazing Apartment Building

Photo: CBS New York

A 3-year-old boy is safe and sound after being tossed out of the second-story window of an apartment in South Brunswick, New Jersey, after the building quickly became engulfed in flames.

The nail-biting moment unfolded last Monday when fire overtook the home and emergency workers assembled beneath a window to catch the toddler.

The boy’s father, Hamat Zaghloun, also lept headfirst from the window after saving his son, according to WPIX-TV.

“You see a child, it just cranks up the adrenaline,” South Brunswick Police Det. Sgt. John Penney told CBS News. “The situation was deteriorating quite quickly. The smoke was pouring out above him. I can still envision that.”

Watch the harrowing moment:

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SOURCE: Faithwire, Billy Hallowell