Substitute Teacher at Dallas Middle School Left Bloodied After Student Throws Metal Chair at His Head

In a video that has swept the internet, sparking outrage at how a substitute teacher in Dallas, Texas, was treated, a student is seen throwing a heavy classroom metal chair and striking him on the head.

letter from Dr. Larry Lewis, interim superintendent of schools at the DeSoto Independent School District of Texas, confirmed the DeSoto West Middle School altercation that occurred on Wednesday between several students and the substitute teacher.

Video and pictures are making their rounds on social media of the incident, where after the chair is thrown at the teacher’s head, he retaliates by throwing two chairs of his own, both missing the student, MEAAWW reports.

The teacher then goes to sit down while the students attacking him leave, to wipe the blood streaming down his face. Amidst the chaos, the rest of the kids in the classroom are heard screaming and laughing.

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SOURCE: Black Enterprise, Wendy Medina