Police Warn Drivers to Protect Vehicles From Gas Thieves as Prices Soar

With the average price of fuel well over $4.00 per gallon, Americans are now having to guard the gasoline in their vehicles as the threat of gas thieves is on the rise.

A gallon of regular gas has risen to $4.33, up from $4.07 just one week ago, according to AAA. Monday marks the 19th day since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale war against Ukraine and experts predict the cost of fuel will continue to climb.

The rising gas prices have fueled anxiety among Americans, and now there’s a new reason to be concerned – gasoline thefts from coast to coast.

One Virginia man noticed Friday that the gas tank in his Suburban was empty, even though he had just filled it up the day before.

Rajesh Sriraman of Virginia Beach told WVEC News he was “shocked” by the discovery and suspects that a thief siphoned the gas out of his tank.

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Source: CBN