National Bestselling Authors of “The Little Black Book Of Success” Launch Social Media Campaign to Inspire Next Generation of Black Women Entrepreneurs

Credit: Gerald Peart photo

In honor of Black History Month, the authors of the book “The Little Black Book Of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women” have launched a social media campaign where they share career advice to help inspire, motivate, and propel women of color.

As co-authors Marsha Haygood, Elaine Meryl Brown and Rhonda Joy McLean wanted to celebrate in an innovative way where they can reach their audience. They wanted to provide practical advice that can serve as support and mentorship to the next generation of Black women at every level of work and life.  The social media graphics the authors push and promote on their social media platforms serve as sparknotes for the advice provided in their book, which offers invaluable insight for Black women who seek guidance on how to get to the next level.

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SOURCE: Amsterdam News