Ex-Transgender People Share Before-and-After Stories and Pictures on #DetransAwarenessDay

A group of individuals who have “detransitioned” took to social media over the weekend to share their harrowing stories, collectively communicating their experiences with the #DetransAwarenessDay hashtag.

These formerly transgender people offered photos to accompany their stories of heart change. These before-and-after testimonies offer an important lens into a perspective not often seen in mainstream media.

“My name is Grace and I detransitioned,” one Twitter user wrote along with before and after pictures. “On the left: me shortly after top surgery, 2017. This was the darkest time in my life. On the right: me recently. Life goes on, life gets better.”

Another Twitter user named Helena said her school “encouraged” her transition process and that the entire ordeal of being prescribed testosterone was “very damaging.”

“When I was 15, lonely, and hated my body, I got sucked into gender ideology online,” she wrote. “My school encouraged me and I was easily prescribed a high dose of testosterone at 18, and it was very damaging.”

These are just two of the stories shared on social media. Here are some of the other testimonies getting a great deal of attention on Twitter:

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Source: CBN