Do I Need to be Baptized to be Saved?

You love Jesus dearly, believe in him with your whole heart, and have confessed that he is the Lord of your life. But there is one issue, you haven’t been baptized yet. Are you still saved? Is that ok? Do you need to be baptized to be officially saved and on your way to heaven?

Some have stated that to be saved, you need to both believe and be baptized and will even go as far as to baptize infants just in case. This is a huge statement! So, if this is true, everyone who believed but didn’t get baptized is in hell? We need some clarity.

So, what is baptism? Why is it important? Does it determine my salvation, and when should I be baptized? This article will cover all of these questions and provide clarity on this ancient tradition.

What Is Baptism?

In Greek, the word for baptism means “to dip a thing into an element or liquid, and to put an element or liquid over or on it.” So, when you immerse something completely, that is considered a baptism of the object you submerged.

By definition, baptism is when a person is completely submerged underwater.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Taylor Jensen